Minimate Plus

From the simplest to the most demanding applications, the Series III Minimate Plus™ is the most versatile monitor you will ever need.

  • Auto Call Home™ feature automates remote monitoring.
  • Sample rates up to 65 kHz for unrivalled flexibility
  • Instantel Histogram Combo™ recording mode captures histograms and waveforms at the same time.
  • Standard 300-event storage capacity.
  • Non-stop monitoring with zero dead time, even while processing events.
  • Configurable with a wide range of sensors – geophones, accelerometers, or hydrophones.
  • Fully compliant with the International Society of Explosives Engineers "Performance Specifications for Blasting Seismographs."
Available with an Instantel 8-channel option allows for two complete compliance setups with a single Minimate Plus monitor.
  • 2 triaxial geophones and 2 microphones on the same monitor.
  • 8 user-programmable channels available for advanced monitoring applications.
  • Supported by Instantel® Blastware® software for easy setup and operation.
  • Full sample rate flexibility – 1,024 (standard), 2,048 and 4,096 samples per second.
  • In advanced mode, 8 channel 512-8,192 S/s, up to 65 kHz in single channel mode.

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