About Tamar Explosives

TAMAR Explosives, established in 1998, provides comprehensive solutions and services requiring the use of explosives, including tunneling, demolition and advanced quarrying. Additionally, the company tests a wide variety of explosive materials that serve the explosives industry.

Building on the decades of operational experience and knowhow accumulated by its experts, implementing innovative technologies, strictly adhering to stringent safety protocols and operating in an environmentally friendly manner, the company has set new standards of professionalism in its areas of operation.

TAMAR Explosives comprises two specialized divisions:

The Civil Engineering Division, which specializes in advanced uses of explosives in the civil engineering field, including for laying infrastructures, tunneling, quarrying and demolition.

The Research and Development (R&D) Division, which includes the Tests & Evaluations Department and two national laboratories: The Israeli Explosives Safety Center and the Israeli National Fireworks Laboratory.

The company currently employs more than 40 highly qualified professionals, most of whom acquired their experience while serving in elite explosive ordnance disposal units of the Israel Defense Forces and in Israeli intelligence agencies. These team members' areas of expertise include engineering, chemistry, blasting, logistics, technologies, materials, security and safety.