Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Division specializes in the use of explosives in civil engineering projects, including the laying of infrastructures, tunneling, excavations and demolition. Its team members are experts in executing complex projects in diverse environments – rough terrain, hard to reach locations and urban environments. The Division's demolition teams are well recognized for their extensive expertise and experience in demolishing a wide variety of structures, including in densely populated areas and near historical buildings – safely, and with a high degree of precision.

TAMAR Explosives' Civil Engineering Division is widely acclaimed for its exceptional professionalism in all its areas of activity, as well as for the exacting safety standards it maintains. Coupled with the use of advanced technological means and the dedication of the Division's personnel, each client is assured an outstanding level of service and the execution of projects on time and on budget.

Continuously enhancing its professional knowhow and skills, the Civil Engineering Division implements the most advanced technologies and methods, further adding to its wide-ranging expertise and experience through the execution of highly complex national scale projects that necessitate observing the strictest professional and safety standards.

These projects include, for example, the Carmel Tunnel, the railway tunnels to Jerusalem and to Carmiel, and the excavation works required for building the Cross-Israel Highway.