Blasting Mats

Infrastructure works involving detonation in populated areas or in the vicinity of existing structures require the use of protective means in order to prevent fragments from being propelled from the work area, and potentially causing injury and damage.

The Civil Engineering Division utilizes blasting mats for this purpose. These mats are made of recycled wire rope and are manufactured uniquely for the TAMAR Group. They are also extensively utilized for security applications by law enforcement and security agencies at secured facilities, by demolition units, and at airports and border crossings throughout the world.

The R&D division, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israel Defense Force (IDF) performed tests to confirm the capability of the mats against various explosives, charges and ammunition: Up to 5 Kg. shrapnel explosive charges, 110 mm. dynamic mortar shell, 155 mm. static artillery shell, KASSAM missiles and more.

These tests have proven that the blasting mats assist in the reduction of fragmentation and shock wave pressures generated by an explosion.

The Safe Pass

One of the applications of the blasting mat is the Safe Pass.

The Safe Pass allows isolation of a suspect element carrying an explosive charge. In the event of a detonation in an urban area, the Safe Pass provides a significant reduction of damage to the surrounding vicinity.

In the case of explosion inside the Safe Pass, the outcome will be the containment of charge fragmentations, no secondary fragments and reducing the shock wave and resultant damage.

In tests performed by the R&D Division it has been proven that the Safe Pass is resilient to up to 10 blasts of 3 Kg. shrapnel charges.

The Advantages

High level of protection

Straightforward, quick installation

Flexible, adjustable to the desired shape

Modular – mats can be joined to create partitions of varying sizes

Easily transported

Safety – fireproof, no sparks are created, does not emit toxic fumes

Cost savings – reusable

Environmentally friendly – made of recycled material