Tamar's Research and Development (R&D) Division is the leading civilian body in the field of explosives in Israel. This distinctive designation is due to our broad professional knowledge, hands-on experience and our unique personnel resources.

The R&D division includes the Test & Evaluations Department, the National Fireworks Laboratory and the Israeli Explosives Safety Center.

The professional staff of the various divisions include engineers skilled in tests planning, test performance and documentation in the scope of a supervisory capacity. All are certified as blasters by the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
Our uniquely qualified staff ensures that every test and project is performed to the highest level of expertise. From the inception and design stage through the performance of the tests, all elements of each project are carefully planned and executed according to optimal standards without compromising or neglecting safety protocols and procedures.

Boasting a large customer base, our divisional customers include various high ranking governmental offices including: The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel Police, US Dept. of Defense, US Dept. of Energy and other military and civilian industries.