InstaLink Web Based Monitoring

It’s about time. Precious time. Your time. Introducing InstaLink™ from Instantel. This innovative web based monitoring system is a complete solution allowing you to satisfy the most demanding reporting requirements, effortlessly and cost effectively.

Now you’ll have safe and secure 24/7 access to your vibration data. InstaLink is the perfect extension for your Instantel equipment saving you valuable time like never before.

Leveraging the Internet - The Future of Vibration Monitoring

InstaLink leverages the Internet to automate the process of transferring vibration data directly from an Instantel Series III vibration monitor to a secure, password-protected web site for viewing by approved stakeholders. Using the popular Instantel Auto Call Home™ automated call-in feature allows Instantel monitors to send vibration data through a variety of modems to a PC, immediately after it is recorded. The new InstaLink reporting system takes this process one step further - automatically forwarding the data to the secure InstaLink database. Once there, users and their pre-authorized stakeholders (Inspectors, Project Engineers, contractors, etc.) can log in and view vibration data from their project(s) through the user’s own customized InstaLink website page.

Ideal for projects with time-sensitive reporting requirements to many stakeholders, or for sites that have many monitoring points, InstaLink provides users and their stakeholders with reliable and immediate distribution of their data as soon as it is collected.

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