A Visit of the Minister of Environmental Protection

The Tamar Group was honored yesterday (February 20th, 2019) with a visit by MK Ze'ev Elkin, the Minister of Environmental Protection, with the participation of the advisors of The Minister: Mr. Yohanan Bornstein and Mr. David Amar, and of The Minister’s Assistant, Mr. Yehuda Korlansky.
Mr. Boaz Hayoun, founder and owner, surveyed selected activities of The Tamar Group, which have interfaces to the responsibilities of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, including, inter alia, the initiative of "green" disposal of explosives by recycling them, and thus contributing to a significant reduction in the level of air and soil pollution to the environment.
Mr. Arik Goren, founder and CEO of the Israeli Explosives Safety Center Ltd., reviewed its activities in connection with the Quantity-Distance and Separation Distances requirements policy, the Hazard Classification Tests of explosives, the investigation of the explosion of a fireworks accident in Porat in 2017, and the professional training courses for employees working with explosives.
In his capacity as a member of The State Security Cabinet (SSC) and former Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, the Minister has shown great interest in the Tamar Group's breakthroughs in explosives, defense and security fields.